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Kate is a California-based actress/director/theatre-person. As a perfomer, she is a committed single-threat; she can't sing or dance, but she does occasionally say lines in the right order. Her entire life has been a battle to balance her inherent Midwestern friendliness with her inherited British reticence. Like many redheads, she has a passionate (some may say 'fiery') disposition, but unlike many redheads, she is capable of going out in the sun.

She first appeared on stage at the ripe old age of 3, when nepotism earned her the role of a Ham in a children's theatre production. Since that first taste, she has studied at Yale University, earning a BA in Theatre, at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and with Terry Schreiber in New York City. Some favorite past roles include Belinda in Noises Off, Mary in Mary's Wedding, and Henrietta Leavitt in Silent Sky. On film, Kate has worked on projects as diverse as Celebrity Ghost Stories (playing Laura Prepon), the romantic comedy A Hollywood Love Story, and the indy horror film Soul To Keep. When not performing, Kate can often be found drinking whiskey, testing the laws of gravity on aerial silks, preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse, and desperately trying not to kill her houseplants. 

Featured Reviews

"(Reynolds') is the most insightful Viola of my experience."

                 - Twelfth Night review by Kurt Daw, 

                    Shakespeare's Tribe

"(Reynolds') Josie shapeshifts quickly between displays of mistrust, insecurity, hopefulness, and a desire to please, as well as the worry that she's more like her mother than she wants to admit."

                 Iron review by Pam Kragen,

                   San Diego Union Tribune       

"Kate Rose Reynolds shines as Horatio...she is clear, passionate and convincing, driving the action.."

                 Hamlet review by Susan Dunn, Theatrius

"The other standout here is Reynolds, who sublimely brings to the surface Britt's own ethical conflict, ambition, and moral ambiguity."

                 Margin of Error review by David L. Coddon,

                    San Diego City Beat

"Reynolds is a welcome return to the San Diego theatre scene."

                 - Margin of Error review by Jenni Prisk, Scene

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